Band Workshops

We can help you band with tuning, execution, technique and more.  Whether you have a group of pipers and drummers ready to go or you are working on building a band, Banta Music can help.  Please contact us for workshop rates.

Private Lessons

If you are interested in knowing more about private lessons, you will require two items:

  • A practice chanter - this can be purchased from your local supplier or online through many supplier that ship worldwide.
  • A tutor book - you can purchase a copy of our beginner tutor book for $40 CAD (in order to avoid shipping charges, we recommend purchasing the online version), or you can use one from another source.

We can teach over Skype, Facebook Messenger, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Important: For video and audio platforms to work the best, a broadband (wired) internet connection is strongly recommended.  Wireless connections can be used but we have found from experience that the audio and video quality can differ substantially.

For private lessons, our rate is $30 per hr or $15 per 1/2 hr.

Want bagpipes for your event?  We have something for everyone!  We have performed for weddings, funerals, anniversaries, graduations and more.  Song selections can be chipper and upbeat or solemn and somber, the choice is yours (or we can make suggestions if desired). 

Some popular requests are Scotland the Brave, Green Hills of Tyrol, Marie's Wedding and Flowers of the Forest.

To ensure that you will get a top-quality performance, we invite you to read some of the comments that past clients have sent us (testimonials are very important to use and we appreciate every single one).

"Marc and I wanted to thank you for being a apart of our special day.  We really appreciated everything and we were very impressed!!!  After the ceremony, a lot of guests came up to say how lovely it was that you were there, and how it added such a lovely touch to the day.  Thank you again!" - Marc & Jessica (wedding)

"Absolutely phenomenal!" - Nicholas M. (birthday)

"We had Kyle (Banta Music) come and do the music for my Dad's memorial service.  He was a lovely fellow with a high quality, professional talent.  The music really made the day.  I would highly recommend Kyle to anyone.  He was easy to deal with and quick to respond to any inquiry.  Thanks for sharing your talent with us Kyle" - Brenda K. (memorial).

"Kyle was great!  Easy to work with and very professional :)" - Stephanie W. (wedding)