Want bagpipes for your event?  Kyle has something for everyone!  Kyle has performed for weddings, funerals, anniversaries, graduations and more.  Song selections can be chipper and upbeat or solemn and somber, the choice is yours (or we can make suggestions if desired).


Weddings are a joyous occasion. It is a happy and cheerful time. Every wedding is different in nature, and the dynamics are unique to each one. The bagpipes will easily fill an church, banquet hall, and outdoor venue. Couples have requested that they be "piped in" to the venue and have the bagpiper stop playing once they get to the alter, and others have requested that the bagpiper play outside the venue to greet guests as they arrive and then have the bagpiper depart from there. It is really up to the couple/organizers what they want to do for the event. Of course, if there is another way to bring a Scottish flair to the event, Kyle is very interested to hear what you are hoping for.

Some popular requests are:

  • Scotland the Brave,
  • Green Hills of Tyrol,
  • Marie's Wedding  
  • Wedding March

Please feel free to listen to the sample clips of these tunes below:

  Scotland the Brave (first tune in clip)          Mairi's Wedding (there is a round and pointed version)  


Green Hills of Tyrol                                               Wedding March

                                                                                                                   (Video coming soon)

To ensure that you will get a top-quality performance, Kyle invites you to read some of the comments that past clients have sent him (testimonials are very important to him and he appreciates every single one).


Like weddings, birthdays are a joyous occasion. Tune requests usually include upbeat tunes (e.g. jigs and hornpipes), but sometimes include slower tunes as well depending on the client's preferences (Kyle has played tunes like Amazing Grace at birthdays). Kyle can play the birthday person into the party or make a surprise entrance as he strikes in the bagpipe (to name a couple). For tune selections, there are so many tunes that can be played for birthdays, so Kyle has listed just a few below:

Happy Birthday                                                      Rakes of Kildare

(Video coming soon)                                             (Video coming)


Funerals, sometimes referred to as Celebrations of Life, are often more solemn events. It is up to the client if they want the music to be lively or more solemn. The way the music is presented adds to the ambience of the room/venue and makes the event more memorable for family members and guests.

Flowers of the Forest                                               Amazing Grace

(Video coming soon)


Graduations are similar to weddings and birthdays as they more happy in nature. Kyle has piped in high school and university graduates into performance/concert halls, school gymnasiums, and at client's private homes. Performance times have ranged from 2-3 minutes (usual for walking in) to 20 minutes for high school and university classes.