If you are interested in starting private lessons with Kyle, you will require two items:

1) A practice chanter - Students new to bagpipes do not require a full set of bagpipes to begin lessons. Practice chanters are the small version of bagpipes (similar to a clarinet) where you blown into the top and place your fingers on the holes. They can be found from your local supplier or online through many suppliers that ship worldwide. If you are near Vancouver Canada, Kyle has spare chanters that he could loan you to help get you started.

2) A tutor book - you can purchase a copy of Kyle's beginner tutor book for $40 CAD (in order to avoid shipping charges, we recommend purchasing the online version), or you can use one from another source.

Kyle teaches over Skype, Facebook Messenger, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Important: For video and audio platforms to work the best, a broadband (wired) internet connection is strongly recommended.  Wireless connections can be used but Kyle has found from experience that the audio and video quality can be substantially lower.

For private lessons, Kyle's rate is $33 per hr or $16.50 per 1/2 hr.

Have a look at Kyle's calendar to see if there is a lesson slot that works for you here.