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Interested in learning bagpipes?  Fantastic!  The bagpipes are one of the most unique and beautiful instruments in the world.  There's nothing like the sound of a bagpipe in the air.  Kyle hass over 15 years experience teaching people of all ages.

If you are interested in learning highland snare drummer, Kyle can teach you the beginner and intermediate rudiments, including stick holding, execution and more.

Private Lessons 

If you are interested in knowing more about private lessons, you will require two items:

  • A practice chanter
  • A tutor book to accompany to guide you with your learning.  A tutor book should not be used in place of a qualified teacher but a properly-structured instructional tutor can be an invaluable asset.  Kyle has written his own instructional tutor.  All of his students receive a copy of his tutor (hard copy or digital download for distance students). 

Kyle can teach over Skype and Messenger (Facebook messenger)

  1. For Skype and Messenger to work the best, a broadband internet connection is strongly recommended.

Complete beginners and students who have been playing for a short time will likely only require a couple 30 minute sessions to determine what stage they are at.

Kyle's rate for private lessons (in-person and online) is $30/hrand $15 for 30 minute sessions.

Band Sessions

Kyle can help your band with tuning, execution (finger work), technique, and more.  Whether you have a group of pipers ready to go or you are working on building a group, he can help.  Please contact him for band rates.


If you are interested in having me conduct a workshop for your band, please contact Kyle for rates.  In order to schedule him for a workshop, his airfare (if required) must be paid for, as well as accommodation (if required).  In addition, he must be paid for his travel time and teaching time.  If there are specific topics that you would like covered, please mention them in your inquiry.  Workshops can be customized to address your band's goals.