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Beginner Tutor

Several years ago I produced my beginner tutor book for bagpipes.  The tutor comprises my knowledge of bagpipes, bagpipe music and my experience teaching various ages of students.  Below are some common questions that have been asked about my book.

How will your tutor help me begin my bagpipe lessons?

My beginner tutor book contains 29 pages of explanations, exercises and photos.  The book also contains several traditional 'massed band' tunes to get your started (massed band tunes means that most bands will play the tunes, although individual band settings may vary).  The tutor includes good-quality photos detailing the various bagpipe movements on the practice chanter (the practice version of the instrument).

How long will it take me to progress through the tutor and get started on the tunes?

Everyone will vary in their progress.  Your progress will depend on how much time you dedicate to learning the material and developing your ability to play the movements.  Some pipers may say that it takes 2 years for the average beginning piper to learn the basics and learn their first tune(s).  However, I have seen some beginners progress quickly through my tutor book and go on to learn their first tune in just a few months.  As mentioned, each individual person will vary in their progress.  I suggest that as you progress through the tutor that you take time to become familiar with each section of the tutor before moving on to the next section.

I have never played bagpipes before and don't have any musical experience.  Would this tutor be a good fit for me?

I wrote my tutor book so that it can be easily interpreted by anyone.  In other words, I like to keep things simple.  Whether you have some musical experience or this is your first time learning a musical instrument, this tutor book will help you get started.

How much does your tutor book cost and how can I purchase a copy?

My beginner tutor book is $40 CAD.  It is available for download here (A new window will open).  Once your payment has been processed through the secure online payment portal, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your purchase as well as a link to download the tutor. 

What ifI dont receive an email receipt or the download link doesnt work?

If for any reason you do not receive an email receipt (usually within a few minutes), give the email 24 hrs to arrive to your inbox.  If this time passes and you still haven't received the email, send me an email to kyle@bantamusic.com and I will look into the matter immediately.  If your email receipt is received but the download link does not work, simply forward me your email receipt as proof of purchase and I will email you the tutor right away.

What are others saying saying about your tutor book?

Below are some comments from some students who have used my tutor:

"I found that Kyle Banta of Bantabagpiping.com has a real winning approach with his easy to follow beginner book." - Andrew

"I wanted to let you know that your "Lessons For Beginners" bagpiping tutorial book is an excellent tool for learning to play the chanter.  The pictures of the notes on the chanter, hand positioning and practice pieces have been a great help to my granddaughter, Anaiah.  She has learned to read music with the aid of your book and uses it regularly when she practices."  - Denyce