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​​​​Welcome to Banta Music!

If you are looking for a world class teacher, you have come to the right place. Kyle has played bagpipes along side gold medalists at many international championships for over twenty years and has worked with snare drums for fifteen years. He has been teaching bagpipes for over ten years and teaching snare for five years. 

Kyle has even published a beginners instruction book and is working on an intermediate tutor book as well

"A few years ago I felt I wanted to do more with my music than just play and compete; I wanted to teach, work with groups and perform more.  Thus, I founded Kyle Banta Bagpiping.  This was a name that told people who I was instantly and what I did.  I knew a logo would help me get my name out.  Because I didn't have much experience with designing logos, I designed a rather simple one using my word processor.  Years later the business began to grow and I started playing instruments so decided to change the name to Banta Music." - Kyle Banta

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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